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30_lies's Journal

30 Lies: Where the truth is purely optional.
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Welcome to 30_lies, another low-pressure writing community in the vein of 30_kisses and similar communities.

The goal of 30 Lies is to offer a fun way to write fanwork with the added benefit of community spirit. All you have to do is claim a subject and write or draw for the thirty themes listed below.

Remember, every story should include some kind of lie.
1. Liar Paradox
2. Secret
3. Cover-up
4. Being Watched
5. Half-truth
6. Slander
7. Make-believe; Fantasy
8. Pinocchio
9. A Tangled Web
10. Lie Detector; Truth Serum
11. Self-deceit
12. Blind Trust
13. Shadows
14. Means to an End
15. Lie-to-children
16. Cry Wolf
17. Newspaper; History Book
18. Exposed
19. Rationalization
20. Masquerade
21. A Not So Honest Mistake
22. Silence
23. Exaggeration
24. Stolen
25. A Diplomatic Solution
26. Misunderstanding
27. Cheat
28. Keeping Track
29. Flattery
30. Lie
Signing Up
- You my claim something from any fandom: anime, movie, book, etc. Please, fictional characters only.

- You may claim a fandom, character, couple, group, or pretty much anything you can think of that isn't already taken.

- If you claim a character or couple, you may write about other characters as long as your character or couple is featured. If you claim a fandom or group, not every character has to show up in every story, but try to include a variety in your thirty stories.

- Series in the same time period with mostly the same characters are not considered different fandoms. For example, both John Munch from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and John Munch from Homicide: Life on the Street could not be claimed at the same time.

- You may claim up to two subjects at one time. All thirty themes must be written for all claims you make. Only one person can claim a specific subject at one time.

- Check the claims list, then make your claim here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.
- There are no deadlines, but I may contact you if you haven't posted in a while to make sure you're still interested in your claim.

- When posting your story, please use the following format:

Subject Line
Title (Fandom, Subject, Theme #)

So, your subject would look something like "Float (Kingdom Hearts, General Series, #15)"

Subject: (This is where you list the character or characters you claimed.)
Theme(s): (Include # and theme.)

Please ALWAYS use the above format. You may add to the header, but please don't subtract from it.

- Either put your story behind an LJ cut or link to an off-community page with your story. You can make an LJ cut with the following tag: <lj-cut>

- Themes can be interpreted however you'd like to interpret them. Just don't write a story, then tack on a completely unrelated theme.

- More than one theme can be used for a single story, but at least 100 words should be dedicated to each theme. Chaptered stories are allowed.

- Please don't use the theme as a title. The theme may be included in the title, but it shouldn't be all that you use. For example don't title your story "Masquerade," title it "Exquisite Masquerade."

- Please give all of your stories some sort of title. "Untitled" gets a little old.

- Once you've completed all of your themes, comment here.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.
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